Born in Paris, Alain decides at 14 that he will be a photographer after seeing the photos of Robert Doisneau, Lucien Clergues and especially Ernst Hass. Graduated at Vaugirard school in Paris, he made the decisive encounter of Christian Zuber, vice president of WWF France and animal filmmaker, the man of the show “Camera in the fist” and will work with him several years in West Africa. His “animal” eye is educated…

In 1983, color and graphic explode, Cheico Leydman and John Batho impose a new style to which Lacki adheres. He enters into religion with creative photography and advertising. His photographic discourse was already oriented towards “photographic painting” thanks to collages and dye-transfer (Kodak process of coloring and transfer layer by layer). When he discovered Guadeloupe in 1989, ravaged by hurricane Hugo, he met a population rich in authenticity and the Caribbean light-style speaks to him. He settled there in June 1990 to never leave it.

Today, if digital technology has stowed his collages of the 80s in the cupboard, it is not the mother of a sudden easy and too often misguided inspiration. It is an indispensable ally for his creative wanderings.

With 4 other photographers, he created the Caribbean House of Photography in 2010, an association whose objective is to promote contemporary Caribbean photography locally and throughout the world.


2016     Festival Terre de Blues      collective Exhibition                       Gal. La Suite Marie-Galante
2015     Terre de Blues                     Solo Exhibition                                Gal. La Suite Marie-Galante
2012     Art takes Time Square        collective Exhibition                       Time Square NYC
2012     Affordable Art fair                collective Exhibition                       Festival Amsterdam
2009     Altered states of reality       collective Exhibition                       Agora Gallery New York
2007     Âmes brûlantes                   Solo Exhibition                                RFO Guadeloupe
2002     Les brasseurs d’art             collectiveExhibition                        Guadeloupe
1989     Emulsions                            Solo Exhibition                                Galerie du Soleil noir Paris
1985     Regards croisés                  collective Exhibition                       Festival d’Arles
1984     Variations                             solo Exhibition                                Galerie Marlières Bruxelles
1981     Naissance d’une ville :      solo Exhibition                                Maison de la Culture
              Auguste Perret                                                                               Le Havre
1980     Une faune à Paris              solo Exhibition with M Klein         Fnac Montparnasse Paris
1979     En toute liberté                    collective Exhibition C. Zuber      Parc de Boutissin (Yonne)



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Chantal MillersCurator – Contemporary art magazine “Parachute” – apr. 06
“Alain Lacki est rare”; Paule Adeline-Vieillescazes disait cela de lui en 1989 dans le magazine “Marie Claire” à lʼoccasiondʼune exposition à Paris. Il est en effet rare et précieux car il se dégage de son travail un sentiment émotionnel fort.

Lʼoeuvre nous immerge dans une dimension inconnue mais que lʼon croit connaître. Lʼoeilnʼaimant pas lʼincertitude des mondes qui lui sont étrangers, sʼoblige à les situer dans un espace-temps qui lui convient et qui le rassure. Il y a urgence à le découvrir.